• Voices is a harmony of timeless voices.

  • Voices is a distillate of authentic poetry, a prophecy of the present.

  • Voices is a generator of continuously evolving images.

  • Voices is an electronic music album that welcomes the physicality of acoustic instruments with a brazen candour.

  • Voices is a treasure trove of unforgettable melodies.

  • Voices is the place that has brought together exceptional musicians from different worlds and genres, including Florence, Milan, Rome and New York.


In Voices, Rodolfo Montuoro gathers poetic sketches recovered from the short circuit of the always unpredictable and enigmatic meetings between the voice and the soul, between psyche and phoné, with all the disorder that follows.

Why Voices? Because the voice goes beyond ourselves. It is the freest and most spiritual organ of our biological assets. With our voices, we cross distances with all the energy of our bodies. It is not just a question of space or body, however. The voice can offer us infallible intuition of the depths that underly our words, going beyond the tip of the iceberg, and is the most striking medium for evoking dreams and the unconscious.

Along with his formidable musicians, Rodolfo wanted his most beloved voices in this vertiginous dizziness, specifically those of Carmelo Bene and Roberto Pedicini, two masters of the "musical" modulation of the word. Though worlds apart, these two men were champions of a special and very rare instrument: phoné. They show that, despite being a medium, the voice can be even more true and eloquent and exciting and moving than what is said. It is capable of generating its own images, in addition to the meaning of texts or melodies.

Hearing is believing.